30 Sept 2014

Rocket Probes September Playlist

Dwellings and Druss – Level 3
(Chris and Paddy from Gnod take you on a repetitive journey...on the great Tresmat!)

Esben and the Witch – A New Nature
(Nice new album of proggy, noisey, fuzzy, droning pop...featuring the masterful trumpet playing of Teeth of the Sea's Sam Barton)
Esben and the Witch

Witch – Erotic Delight
(Late but great Witch)

Oscillation – Fall EP
(Nice krauty psyched out post punk grooves, plus an Emperor Machine mix)

Various ‎– WYWH
(Another melting pot of outsider psychkrautelecto weirdness from the fine crate diggers Light Sounds Dark)

Naafi Sandwich – Slice 2
(Once again the Prophh Sound System uncovers more stunning forgotten gems)
Naafi Sandwich

Joakím Skogsberg – Offer Rota
(Track from Goats Rough Trade mix, just love this so much)
Joakim Skogsberg

Arthur Russell – Platforms on the Ocean
(Fuzz Cello....don’t need to say anything more)
Arthur Russell

Fred Wesley & The JB's – Blow Your Head
(Just for the keyboard sound alone....a track sampled by Hijack back in the day)
Fred Wesley

Popol Vuh – Aguirre
(Soundtrack to Herzog's ‘The Wrath of God’, Dave from Flying Saucer Attack was always trying to get us to check them out, it only took 20 years.)