8 Sept 2014

Multiple Exposure Vol: 8 – Anthroprophh (Gareth Turner)

Welcome to Volume 8 of our ongoing 'Multiple Exposure' series where we ask musicians to tell us about their favourite pieces of repetitive music.

This volume we are very happy to receive a list from Gareth Turner bass player in Anthroprophh (& Big Naturals), who have a new album 'Outside the Circle’ available on the 15th September.

(From the album elements, Hugo from The Heads turned me on to this, and Fat Paul called it entry level jazz .. maybe it is but who cares)
Joe Henderson

 2. CRASS - Shaved Women
(This band need no introduction, aggressive repetition. This band were so much more than a punk band ... I love the power of just repeating a vocal line, screaming babies ,screaming babies, screaming babies, screaming babies ……..)

3. CAN - Yoo Doo Right
(Obvious I know, but on first listen so many years ago it opened a door to so much music that I can't not mention them, could have picked a bunch of tracks but this was the first one I heard)

(From the album of the same name, great wobbly repetitive bass... as a bass player what more could I ask for, ha)
Charles Rosue

5. STEREOLAB/NURSE WITH WOUND- Simple Headphone Mind
(Another band who I could have picked a bunch of tracks from, brought repetitive krautrock almost into the world of pop ... in their own way)
Stereolab/ NWW

6. MELVINS - Charmicarmicat
(From the Eggnog 10" Buzz and Dale reinventing the sloooooooow)

7. NEU "Hallogallo" 
(Yep I know its a bit obvious ... but I wanted to listen to it while I was making the list)

8. GNOD - The Somnambulists Tale pt III
(Can't not mention this band, love the way they sit on the groove and let it simmer ...and the hang drum is a great touch)

9. DNA - You And You
(Great 7” well worth picking up, only a few minutes long but worth every penny , angsty no wave)

10. THIS HEAT - Horizontal Hold
(This version is from the Peel Session LP “Made Available”, Charles Hayward can sure hold a beat down)
This Heat

11. MIN BUL - Champagne of Course
(Taken form the self titled LP, great repetitive jazz from the 70’s, upright bass hold a circling groove as a backdrop for some psychedelic mayhem)

12. PAILHEAD - No Bunny
(Collaboration between Ian Mackay of Minor Threat and Ministry’s/Revolting Cock’s Al Jorgensen, I remember going to see Revolting Cocks in the late 80's in London, took acid before the show it was a ‘Saddam Hussien’ double dipper, motorik beats with a heavy dose of sex, its def a show that has been etched in my brain)