17 Sept 2014

In the Cockpit With Rocket Recordings – a psych symposium at Liverpool Psych Fest

Not only are we curating 'Transmissions from the Outer Realms' at Liverpool Psych Fest. John, Chris and Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea are also taking part in a 'psych symposium' on the Saturday of the festival.

The details of this discussion are as follows:

In the Cockpit With Rocket Recordings / 1.30PM
Rocket Recordings land their ‘Transmissions From The Outer Realms’ curation at Liverpool Psych Fest this year, but have been releasing psych-infused outsider music since their unlikely inception in 1998. With releases by the likes of Teeth Of The Sea, Gnod, Cherrystones, The Heads, Shit & Shine and Goat peppering their 15 year history, what is it that makes label bosses Chris Reeder and Johnny O keep going? What is it about the perilous nature of issuing marvellous head music that makes them tick? And, from an artist’s perspective, what is the experience of being part of the dysfunctional Rocket family really like?

For this session, Rocket Recording’s Chris Reeder and Johnny O will be joined by Teeth Of The Sea’s Jimmy Martin, hoping to navigate the label’s past and give us an insight into Rocket’s future.

Christopher Torpey (Bido Lito! Magazine) - Chair
Chris Reeder (Rocket Recordings)
Johnny O (Rocket Recordings) 
Jimmy Martin (Teeth Of The Sea)

We will no doubt be extremely hungover , so if you want to hear some mumblings about Rocket, come along.

Not only that Nicola from Lay Llamas wil be involved in another discussion about the current Italian occults psych scene entitled:

Dark Arts Of The Eternal City / 4.30 pm
Joseph Stannard (The Wire) - chair 
Nicola Giunta (Lay Llamas)

In the meantime, read what the Quietus have to say about it here: The Quietus