21 Sept 2014

Goat live at Incubate – footage and review

Here's some footage of yesterdays stunning Goat show at Incubate where they closed the festival in style!!

Also here is a great review from Skyline Reviews:

Fanboy-mode was switched on as we were told to wait on the stairs of Midi. As soon as the doors opened, the 1000 capacity venue was filled within minutes. Yes, this band is huge right now. Yes, they will play main stages of major festivals in 2015 and bring new hope within all the generic radio-friendly bullshit. Yes, they are retro as hell. But how could they not be, since Goat basically reincarnates music which is a thousand years old?

It’s not an excuse, mind you. There are always limitations to what a band playing 70′s psychedelic funk/afrobeat can do. BUT. Goat have evolved. No more saxophone or organ this time. This version of the band is far more ‘Roadburn’ than ‘World Music’. And indeed, just like their debut, ‘Commune’ only truly starts making sense when performed live. Goat is now a band that can fill 90 minutes at a rapid pace, melting songs into each other to the delight of the dancing, sweating and mesmerized crowd.

The dancing, jumping and hypnotizing singers bring a spectacular performance completely free of sexist oppression which so often plagues female artists in music. The band is so absolutely brilliant, compounded by Midi’s perfect sound: those cymbals, those wah-wah pedals, DAT BASS! Literally nothing can go wrong with this celebration of pure music. Goat is originally from northern Sweden. Once you visit that part of the world (preferably in a car), ‘Commune’ can be understood perfectly as an album that basically expresses the grand open spaces and the insignificance of humans therein. This band doesn’t only produce something timeless and utterly addictive, it also throws you into a world of mysticism. A world in which we still cannot grasp the full extent of what is exactly going on around us. Watching Goat is nothing more and nothing less than the vicarious experience of that mystery. This is so powerful that it is inevitable for this band to become absolutely huge. As long as they keep doing exactly what they do, this is only to be celebrated.

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