21 Sept 2014

BackSeat Mafia reviews Anthroprophh


This Autumn is turning out to be a pretty exciting time for psych fans with a whole slew of new albums coming out. Of these one of my more anticipated releases is the second album from Anthroprophh, the project from Paul Allen of brilliant Bristol psych noise band The Heads. I have been looking forward to hearing it because, while the first eponymously titled album was very good I had heard an even more promising direction from the recent Cardinal Fuzz 12” release, ‘Precession’/ ‘Ebbe’, which showcased Allen’s collaboration with fellow Bristolians Big Naturals. For me these tracks were fuller and more interesting than the originals and suggested that something quite inspired might emerge through this meeting of these massive sound minds.

It has.

Outside The Circle is a monumental album: monumental because of the massive ritualistic sounds that pervade it, such as on ‘Albrechtdron’ and ‘See’. If it was a structure it would be a dark monolith which at first sight seems impenetrable but, as the layers are excavated, huge tracts of meaning are revealed...

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