30 Sept 2014

Goat play ‘No Thyself’ secret artspace gig in Birmingham tonight!


Drawing from thousands of years of history and culture, hundreds of years of artistic expression and decades of experience in the study, practice, execution and exhibition of the arts. The experience is the sum of many parts – 
There is no thy self, only synergy.

Acclaimed artist Glenn Anderson and Green Street Arts Collective embark upon a remarkable collaborative project. Featuring – The midlands graffiti veteran Chu. Lighting and visual artist Liam d'Authreau and Swedish band, the theatrical sound artists known as 'GOAT'. With support from Beware Soul Brother & The Midland Sound Professors. 

Post event, viewers are invited to share the experience online at www.nothyself.co.uk. The public are enabled to view the installation via an interactive 360° image.

Mystery, legend and folk law - Sound, light and spirit.

Glenn, Chu & Liam will spend a month constructing an installation, utilising a variety of found and recycled materials, artistic techniques and technologies. ‘GOAT’ with support, will bring the space to life.

Painting - Sculpture - Music - Dance - Design - 3D Projection Mapping - mobile 360°.


All culminating in a truly unmissable one off event.

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