20 Nov 2020

Paisiel album 'Unconscious Death Wishes' out now

"An escape from/ and reflection of/ our own reality."

"The pair become locked in a dizzying tempest of swirling, slashing phrases and knotted beats." 

“A driving force that unites past, present and future.” 

“To pierce the psychedelic barrier and scar the psyche beyond repair.” 

“Paisiel push the boundaries of sound in all the right ways."

Today sees the release of Paisiels second album  'Unconscious Death Wishes' - you can pick it up on ltd edition red/black colour-in-colour vinyl here: Bandcamp


Porto-based duo Paisiel comprise Portuguese drummer João Pais Filipe and German saxophonist Julius Gabriel. Both full-time musicians across several genres and disciplines, with Rocket  having just released a collaborative album between João and Salford hit squad Gnod titled ‘Faca De Fogo’, the vibe Paisiel achieve across their second album ‘Unconscious Death Wishes’ sounds specific, singular and ultimately unique.

‘Unconscious Death Wishes’ is a single 39-minute piece recorded using improvisation based around composed structures, or what the drummer calls “instant composition”. Beginning quietly and mournfully, an array of percussion, avant-electro synths (think Cabaret Voltaire or Muslimgauze) and expansive sax swiftly takes hold. At times, this could be a late 60s proto-Krautrock cafeteria jam, early 70s New York loft jazz happening or Brazilian street party from whichever decade takes your fancy.