20 Nov 2020

Now Idzie Od Morza reviews Deafbrick

They say:

Last year Igor Cavalera, founder of the legendary Sepultura, debuted with his new project Petbrick. Now, though, he crossed paths with one of the best bands from the country, Deafkids, about whose amazing album MetaprogramaçãoI wrote in 2019. Petbrick combines industrial sounds with synthesiser walls of sound, and Deafkids explore the boundaries between punk and avant-garde. A combination of these elements yields a mighty set of compositions built based on mighty-sounding guitar walls, indigenous percussion instruments, and artificial parts of synthesisers and beats. The sonic landscape is buzzing with guitar noise that keeps accumulating. Take the two-minute “Força Bruta”, where minced guitars follow Cavalera’s beats at breakneck speed. Deafkids are a great match here with their post-hardcore aesthetics. “The Menace of the Dark Polar Night” offers a calmer, powerful counterpoint, where futurist electronics, deformed in the second part of the track, come to the fore. “Máquina Obsessivo-Compulsiva” and “O Antropoceno” focus on the drums, there’s also room for a hypertextual reference to the traditions of the genre, when the quintet reinterprets Discharge’s “Free Speech For The Dumb”. And this is all locked in the trance hurricane in the form of two incarnations of “Primeval”. A very intense, yet captivating album.

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