6 Nov 2020

Kooba Tercu release 'Proto Tekno' remix album

Centred around the creative hubs of Athens, Crete and London, Kooba Tercu's 2020’s ‘Proto Tekno’ album existed at a psychic intersection between the ruins of crumbling infrastructure and an intimidating future dystopia. A potent and pulverising collection of incendiary jams fuelled by the modern age, yet transcended with vicious style. Equal parts groove-driven mantra, red blooded freakout, and experimental onslaught; this is the sound of a fearless band raging against the dying light.

Fast forward to late 2020 & the world feels like it has changed, so during the first wave of COVID-19, Kooba Tercu reached out to artists with a similar sense of kinship they admired l and asked them to freely re-interpret the songs from 'Proto Tekno' into the album 'Proto Tekno (Remixed)'. 

Rocket artist and remix master Shit & Shine and Marlene from GNOD under her Negra Branca moniker join Turbo Teeth, Echo Canyon, Mr. Clarinet, Kostadis and De Santis as remixers on this collaborative album.

Koob Tercu's disparate influences on the original tracks now coalesce even more vividly into an invigorating and intimidatingly confident assault on the senses. It’s a weapon of psychic defence just as much as a love letter to the three ‘R’s of repetition, repetition and repetition.

The remix album is available on ltd edition tape, digital + and special bundles from today, so take advantage of Bandcamp Friday and get yourselves the album: Bandcamp