18 Nov 2020

Bucket List reviews Deafbrick

They say:

Is it the English language or humans in general who are lazy? I mean, I know I sure am, but being an only English speaker, I question if it’s a human laziness thing or just my language who says, “we combined two things but fuck thinking up a new word for it, we’ll just combine the words for each as well.” Terms like mockumentary, Kimye, stranglewank… you get the idea. This same shortcut is exactly what has been done for the name DEAFBRICK, the collaborative effort between Brazil’s DEAFKIDS and London duo PETBRICK. Although the name may be a lazy slap-together of both parties, the album clearly has more creativity put into it.

For some background, PETBRICK features founding Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy drummer Iggor Cavalera and electronic music producer Wayne Adams while DEAFKIDS is a relatively young act that has received very high acclaim for experimentation in raw punk, D-beat, and polyrhythmic percussion and the album was provided to me with the genre as noise synth. However, my first impressions of the album were more liken to hearing AKA Psalm 69 by Ministry for the first time, if it was somehow mixed with Sepultura’s Roots...

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