25 Apr 2016

The Revue talk about Goat's I sing in Silence

Goat – “I Sing in Silence” 

If there was a music prize awarded to the most consistently fascinating experimental fusion band on the planet, Swedish band Goat would win it every time. There is just something about this band’s ability to stretch the limits of the experimental genre in a way that never fails to be both surprising and rewarding. On this latest 7” release, “I Sing in Silence” (which, by the way, is not what the song is about!), singer Christian Johansson has again concocted a magical potion of trippy psychedelic indie rock that will blow your mind. Yes, it even has flutes. Not many bands can use flutes in their music and make it sound good, but Goat gets away with it. This song is paired with an instrumental B-side track and is available for pre-order from the group’s Bandcamp page.

I Sing in Silence releases May 27 via Rocket Recordings and Sub Pop Records. Goat has a handful of summer dates scheduled, including festivals in the UK and Belgium.

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