5 Apr 2016

Soundblab reviews Gnod – Mirror LP

It reads:

Gnod – Mirror

Currently comprised of their four core members, Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam, Marlene Ribeiro and Alex Macarte, Gnod have jettisoned the avant-jazz, dub-industrial soundscapes of 2015’s Infinity Machines and replaced them with a short, balefully bleak and often brutal statement on 'no future'. Call me a miserable so-and-so (Ian can’t hear you, boys and girls) but this is the Gnod I love (the rest of the time I merely like them a lot).

There is nothing this year that is likely to approach the relentless intensity of 'Sodom and Gomorrah', an 18-minute test of endurance and sanity with everything from power chords, forge-of-Vulcan drum hits, and Gregorian chanting to anguished screaming and…well, that’s enough surely. The rest is, by comparison, pretty muted but not by any other…

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