29 Apr 2016

Freq reviews Gnod – Mirror

It reads:

Gnod - Freq - Album Review - 28 April 2016

On the back of last year’s Infinity Machines double comes this dinky three tracker, the traumatic jazz of yore siphoned into some gloriously sculpted discord – 36 minutes that are seriously pissed off.

A notion that gathers momentum on the slinky low-slung beginnings of the opener – a Jah Wobble dub, all languid and wanting. “There’s too many faces in the mirror!”, exclaims Paddy. “I can’t decide which one a want to wear today”. His vocals swimming a rich amniotic custard, a sense of the ever-encroaching world weighting heavy. The words tightening and the music darkens to a sense of futility – the austerity autopilot that continues to tear away at the fabric – the blind troupe of terrorism, the fucked over, the forgotten. All finger-spinning the music’s contours pitted in steady drummed thumps, a murmuring shadow fork-tonguing every word to glinting eyes of fret...

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