20 Apr 2016

Son of Marketing review Gnod's Mirror

It reads:


Gnod‘s sleeve note for Mirror says it all – “Self-Revelation is a cruel process. The real picture, the real “you” never emerges. Looking for it is as bewildering as trying to know how you really look. Ten different mirrors show you ten different faces” – Shashi Deshpande.
Janus is your friend, if he is not then he is truly an enemy to be feared…

Gnod return to the fray with their snapshot of a disenfranchised, lemming-like, Great British kiss-off. Only those ignorant or selfish or just not old enough, to have learned the painful lesions of the Thatcher years, would be foolhardy enough to embark on not one, but two terms under a crushing Tory yoke. Mirror despairingly documents this public myopia.

Finding reanimation in disintegration, Gnod continue to evolve, phoenix-like, breathing fire to stoke the melting pot that is Islington Mill, re-emerging anew from this latter-day Dagda’s cauldron...

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