29 Apr 2016

Happening – Lisbon Psych Fest 2016 Reviewed

CHROMATICISM has written this great review of the Lisbon Psych Fest.

'GNOD! Fucking GNOD! I’d been waiting since November 20th 2014, and the GNODOROWSKY event at Cork Film Festival, to reignite this tryst… If TAU are about the escapism, and The Altered Hours about the boomtown-angst, then GNOD and particularly, their Hydra-like figurehead Paddy Shine, are the embodiment of Cúchulainn’s warp-spasm. GNOD truly are a “happening” in every sense of the word, combined with a “human be-in” – you FEEL them, just as much as you see or hear them. I recently reviewed their latest album ‘Mirror‘, which you can read here. If we really do, as Robert Anton Wilson suggested, inhabit our own, “self-referential reality tunnel”, then I can only thank my lucky stars, that GNOD occupy that temporal conduit with me.

I am already grinning like a demented Cheshire Cat, at the prospect of this year’s Eindhoven Psych Lab which boasts, ‘RMFTM meets GNOD: Temple ov BBV (Audio Test 005.epl16). I saw this pairing deliver an incendiary, synapse shredding, impromptu collaboration, along with Terminal Cheesecake, at the inaugural Psych Lab – just what they are going to come up with, following some detailed planning, is anyone’s diabolikal guess! From GNOD’s Lisbon Psych Fest closing setlist.....

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