28 Feb 2015

The Skinny and Backseat Mafia say a few words on Gnod's new track – Infinity Machines

As reported earlier in the week, The Wire are streaming the title track off Gnods new album 'Infinity Machines'

Here are a first few reactions:

"Meanwhile Islington Mill's ever chameleonic experimental dwellers Gnod have served notice of their impending LP — unbelievably, given how busy they've been live and with their label Tesla Tapes, their first since the re-packaged Chaudelande Volumes II and II in 2013 — by streaming the title track from Infinity Machines over at The Wire. Long dismissive of the psych tag many bracketed them with following their collaborative release Drop Out, with White Hills, Infinity Machines is set to kill that pigeonhole stone dead with its meditative mix of industrial stomp, spoken word and textural drones...."

Taken from The Skinny


"It’s always a moment of excitement when you hear that there is something new from an act you like coming out. When it’s GNOD, the collective based around Islington Mill in Manchester, you know that it is going to be something interesting and you know, in the end that you are going to like it. This is because the only thing predicable about a GNOD release is its unpredictability. It could be heavy and relentless, it could be mediative and considered. But whatever it is it is going to get into your brain.

As I found out at last year’s Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, GNOD are not just a group who sit in an art space twiddling a few buttons; but a properly exciting and committed live proposition as well. They were one of the highlights of an event that was consistently high quality, and not one out partied them on stage.

So what’s the new one like?…"

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