1 Feb 2015

Louder than War reviews or Collisions 04 Split LP by Mamuthones & Evil Blizzard

Mamuthones | Evil Blizzard: Collisions 4

The latest instalment in the brilliant Collisions series on Rocket Recordings sees the upbeat Mamuthones enter into battle with the intense Evil Blizzard. The results couldn’t be further apart yet still so diversely brilliant.

Anything on Rocket Recordings has our interest piqued before the needle hits the record, and the fourth instalment in their Collisions series is no different. This time it sees Mamuthones & Evil Blizzard pitched against each other in a battle of musical wits.

Opening up with Italians Mamuthones, it sees them on the more traditional psychedelic path. The motorik beats coupled with the stabs of guitar on opening track I’ve Gotta Be, is reminiscent of Warm Digits. Second track Don’t Be Choosy sees them follow a slightly different path.

The high pitched guitars fill the record. The vocals are scarce yet they maintain their exciting psychedelic underpinning. They really lay down the gauntlet to Evil Blizzard, compounding this with two brilliant tracks epitomising the current psychedelic scene and you can’t help but groove to them.

The track Holy Ghost People is truly excellent and ends what has been a whistle stop journey through psychedelia. Mamuthones acquit themselves well in this battle of wits, they’re a multi-faceted beast as they channel Goat in Holy Ghost People as they move away from the more electronic elements exhibited in other tracks.

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