5 Feb 2015

The Quietus reviews Collisions 04 LP by Mamuthones and Evil Blizzard

Evil Blizzard/Mamuthones 

By Nick Hutchings 

Collisions Vol. 4 is a pustulous split LP oozing forth two bands who love horror and like to drone on about it. With a soupcon of Suspiria and a ghost in the machine from The Exorcist the music of Evil Blizzard is not so much Tubular Bells as crepuscular bells. It's route one horror, which may require a defibrillator to revive you from. However, the subtler, no less effective gory grooves of Mamuthones owe more to the repetitive danceability of Warp Records' Sweet Exorcist than they do to traditional head-spinning horror scores.

This is the fourth in a series of recorded collisions between lauded, like-minded and loud spirits on Rocket Records, joining previous malevolent match-ups between Gnod and Shit & Shine, Oneida and Mugstar and The Heads and White Hills, and this is no less fearsome or feral.

Mamuthones have carved out a position at the head of a fecund Italian occult psychedelic movement, led by Alessio Gastaldello ex of Sub Pop band Jennifer Gentile. Apparently the name Mamuthones comes from a Sardinian death-masked legend about which no historian can agree. Locals dressed as these totemic figures perform haunting ritual dances at public festivals. One theory is it's a celebration to celebrate the victory of shepherds against the Saracen invaders who imprisoned the citizens of Mamoiada and led them to a cold chamber. If that is spine chilling, the music is less so as their music is warm blooded and organic rather than murderously orgiastic…

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