13 Feb 2015

NME and The FT review Hey Colossus – In Black and Gold

Hey Colossus - In Black and Gold
Hey Colossus are a band with punk ethics that make alternative, heavy rock oblivious to stylistic fashions in music, and with great consistency. ‘In Black & Gold’ is the London-based six-piece’s eighth album in a superb 11-year run and fittingly - as their first for Rocket Recordings, home of Goat – it finds them hitting a stripped-back psychedelic groove. Opener ‘Hold On’ is loose, hazy, and full of foreboding and single ‘Hey, Dead Eyes, Up!’ finds them in more typical Melvins-like sludge territory. On ‘Lagos Atom’ they experiment with dub within a post-rock setting and they end with ‘Sinking, Feeling’, a slab of heavy, half-time doom. A more diverse and calculated album than a usual Hey Colossus offering, and all the better for it.
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Hey Colossus – In Back and Gold
A mix of psychedelic rock, New Age, and a bit of grunge accompanied by ambient sounds and blissful vocals

Hey Colossus open In Black and Gold gazing up at the stars, ambient sounds shimmering, blissful vocals floating off into the cosmos. But the New Age reverie buckles, drowned out by the droning riffs, drums and malevolent vocals of “Sisters and Brothers”, a vision of The Doors’ “The End” transplanted to some grungy corner of south London. So starts a commendable descent into the murkier corners of psychedelic rock, which reaches a negative peak with “Lagos Atom”, an immense 10-minute drone-rock mantra with chthonic feedback and eerie chanting.

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