17 Feb 2015

GOAT to play 'SOUNDS OF SURRENDER' a rare Bristol show in April

Goat have been announced to be playing a rare UK show in Bristol on 4th April as part of a multi city Red Bull Academy festival.

The Festival's press release reads:

Red Bull Music Academy invites the curious, the bold and the brave to explore the frontiers of music and identity for this sonic soiree with the Swedish alt-folk innovators.

Famed for their immersive live extravaganzas and free-form approach to music-making, Goat's focus for this very special night is on the full meaning of collective experience: ridding oneself of the ego and diving headfirst into the combined energy of 'the crowd'. In order to achieve this, the playing field must be levelled, which means saying goodbye to anything associated with social hierarchy, image, everything. Phones, cameras, money, all will be jettisoned before entering the dance, at which point everyone will mask up and shed their individual identities to become part of the whole. In this state, with Goat's rhythmic, pulsating melodies filling the floor, everyone will be free to lose their inhibitions and surrender to the music.

Goat shows in the UK are going to be very few tis year, so don't miss the chance to see one of the best live bands on the planet right now at what we have been told is going to be a very special and unique performance not seen at any other Goat show.

Tickets can be found here: Red Bull Academy