24 Feb 2015

Introducing 'Infinity Machines' – the new triple LP by GNOD

Gnod announce triple album 'Infinity Machines' set for release on 20th April 2015 on Rocket Recordings

Watch/share the album teaser video above

The press release reads:

Slaves to no-one but their own psychic co-ordinates, GNOD continue their fearless voyages down pathways unknown. Operating from their base camp and spiritual home, the legendary Islington Mill - a venue, art-space and liminal zone in Salford: A space that has allowed the band the freedom to stubbornly pursue their own free-flowing aesthetic in a judgement free environment. ‘Infinity Machines’, their fifth release for Rocket Recordings, and the latest for this prolific outfit in a vibrant and diverse history, is no less than a pinnacle of achievement for a band who exist beyond all or any reductive genre pigeonholes, not to mention beyond the constraints of the everyday. A triple-album, it explores a unique vision informed by experimental élan and metaphysical intensity. 

"At the time of recording the album in the venue of the mill, there was a crazy energy kicking around the place. The concept of the album is not solely focused on the Mill , its wider in scope as a look at ourselves as people and people as "Infinity Machines". Your brain is the machine of infinite possibilities"

‘Infinity Machines’ traverses between and beyond a variety of different headspaces from the bleak to the beatific – yet whilst touching on nocturnal jazz, soothing yet unsettling ambience, menacing aggro-industrial battery and opiated bliss-out alike, it’s shot through with an undercurrent of fiery countercultural zeal and small-hours revelation, as if the hive-mind of their home collective had manifested itself on six sides of wax.

Now more than ever, In Gnod We Trust.


1. Control Systems
2. Collateral Damage
3. Desire
4. Importance Of Downtime
5. White Privileged Wank
6. Spinal Fluid
7. Breaking The Hex
8. Infinity Machines

The album is released in all good shops on 3LP / 2CD / DL on 20th April 2015. 
LP pressing is ltd to 1000 copies for the world.