31 May 2021

Rocket Probes – May 2021 playlist

The Holy Family – St Anthony's Fire

(Second single to be revealed from their debut album electronic fuzz-fueled kosmische folk...with accompanying video by John O'Carroll)
The Holy Family

Various – Zonned Records Vol.1
(Gnoomes's Zonned Records debut release – a great comp featuring J. Zunz, Midas Rex, Varvara, Kikok, Sasha Piankov, Of Mist, Landing etc etc)
Zonned Records

Smote + Forest Mourning – S/T
(Collab of drones)
Smote + Forest Mourning

Græns – Björkarnas Sus
(Kaleidoscopic jazz sounds from Sweden)

Heimat – Ita
(Noise-pop repetitions)

Yoko Ono – Woman Power
(Do you know that one day you lost your way, man?)
Yoko Ono

Acid Twilight – Acid Twilight
(Argentinian devotional psychedelia on Not Not Fun)
Acid Twilight 

Mustard – Good Time Coming
(Another Cherrystones recommended glam banger)

Tara Clerkin Trio – Retro Cranial Kit
(The great Tara Clerkin Trio album remixed)
Tara Clerkin Trio

Skeleton – Skeleton
(Texan Thrash...courtesy of Head Drop's Kev Wells)

Action 13 – More bread (to the people)
(Nigerian psych groove from '73)
Action 13

Domovoyd – Oh Sensibility
(Hazed-out doom) 

Francis Beby – Psychedelic Sanza (1982-1984)
(Eclectic collection of Beby grooves)
Francis Beby 

Seefeel – Rupt and Flex (1994 - 96)
(Lots of great stuff to immerse into)

Seefeel – Plainsong (Sind Bubble Embossed Dub)
(All the recent reissues made us dig this classic 12" back out...one of the all time faves!)

Lower Slaughter – Some things take work
(Reconnecting with this great album)
Lower Slaughter

The Byrds – C.T.A.102
(Signals tell us...)
The Byrds

Fire! – Defeat
(More greatness from Fire!)

Alice Coltrane – Eternity
(Harmonic convergence)
Alice Coltrane

The Jimmy Cake – Tough Love
(Cheers to Spud Murphy for turning us on to this great album of dark ambience)
The Jimmy Cake

Gary, Indiana – Alien 3
(Playing Raw Power in August...should be good!)
Gary, Indiana

Dr. John – Black Widow Spider
(Hits the groove)
Dr. John 

Robedoor – Entity undertow
(Sludged sounds)

Trees Speak – Posthuman
(Probably our fave album they have released so far)
Trees Speak

Various – Doing It In Lagos
(A couple of bangers on this comp of early 80s Nigerian disco on Soundway)
Doing It In Lagos

Mandingo – Black Rite
(Classic banger of fuzzed funk to welcome in some sun)

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