26 May 2021

Les Oreilles Curieuses reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

In the spring of 2019, we got to know Djinn's cosmic and trippy jazz with a first record. The group from Gothenburg has succeeded in establishing their completely hallucinogenic universe which will also be heard with their second album called Transmission.

Here come new compositions where Djinn will therefore combine spiritual jazz, world music and kosmische musik to make an impressive and oh so hypnotic mixture. Transmission opens with a "Sun Ooze" brilliantly synthesizing hypnotic and haunting atmospheres where the quartet favors saxophones and frenzied percussions just like "Creator of Creation" much more energetic. There is no doubt that this musical trip will be completely memorable.

We will just as well dream with the celestial “Nights With Kurupi” as we will have our feet stamped with the frantic looks on “Jaguar” and the experimental “Urm The Mad” in psych-folk-jazz colors. Djinn will move away from the groove to draw much more mystical atmospheres with also the last psychedelic moments that are "Love Divine" and "Orpheus" showing that the Swedish cosmic jazz collective has been able to awaken its spiritual instinct on this relentless second disc. 

Les Oreilles Curieuses