2 Jul 2017

The Quietus put Temple Ov BBV in their best albums and Housewives in their best tracks of June

They say:

Temple Ov BBV – Temple Ov BBV
Gnod's Just Say No has already cast one of the longest musical shadows over 2017. A record much eulogised both here on tQ and elsewhere, and rightly so, somehow, it’s the most powerful of the group’s metamorphoses yet, by virtue of its compactness, the pinpoint targeting of its politicised assault.

Temple ov BBV, a collaboration between the group and Dutch psych-experimentalists Radar Men From The Moon, feels like a more twisted, parallel universe version of the same beast, the same sonic formula of terrifying, relentless pounding applied to a brilliantly bizarre tribute to Bart Huges, the scientist and psychedelic pioneer who drilled into his own skull in order to achieve enhanced mental power and a permanent high. Sonically, the record feels not dissimilar as an experience – a dentist's drill of nausea, noise and utter brilliance, straight to the brain.

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