26 Jul 2017

Soundi reviews Flowers Must Die's album Kompost

Roughly translated it reads:

"Psychedelia has been going strong in Sweden for quite a while now. One of the most crucial labels in this movement is Rocket, whose roster includes among others Goat, Gnod, Gnoomes, Julie's Haircut and Hills.

Flowers Must Die, founded in 2006 in Linköping, adds a beautiful contribution to an already impressive heap of music.

On top of sixties style psychedelia, the six-piece group has added a hefty diet of Hawkwind and krautrockers such as Can, Amon Düül II and Ash Ra Tempel (the band name actually comes from one of their songs).

The name of the game is feisty improvisation and intense build ups, not that far from Circle, but more in an acid mood. The steadily expanding hypnoticism of the songs reminds one of the cosmic moment when strong psychedelics kick in.

The music, at times soulful and funky, is mostly instrumental, but there is some more traditional singing on the track Don't You Leave Me Now. The guitarists Sven Walan and Johan Höglund are in fine form overall, delivering tasty sounds utilizizing various effects. Especially the distorted riff of Why? is splendidly humoristic. However, the real ace up the band's sleeve is synth player Rickard Daun, who manages to combine trippy soundscapes seamlessly with tighter jams. Flute and a saxophone also appear in the mix, adding colour to the rich whole, that maintains its tension throughout the album."

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