7 Jul 2017

FREQ reviews Temple Ov BBV

It reads:

Sometime, a little gentle trepanation is what’s needed to broaden the psychic horizons; at others, it’s less optimal than a plain old hole in the head. Temple ov BBV is seemingly all about the downsides; it’s not a happy album by any means, but it might cheer those prone to schadenfreude up, if only on the basis that it’s probably harder to sound less all right than the meshing together here of Gnod with fellow aggronautical explorers Radar Men From The Moon.

headbutting their way to a higher state of (un)consciousnessAppropriately enough for a record inspired by self-tapping psychedelic explorer Bart Huges‘s book The Mechanics Of Brain Blood Volume, Temple ov BBV sounds like the ensemble are headbutting their way to a higher state of (un)consciousness through the power of sheer bloodyminded gtr-bs-drms assault that must have set the Eindhoven Psych Lab a-squirming...

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