15 Jul 2017

Freq reviews Hey Colossus at Bristol Psych Fest

It reads:

...the next band upstairs was at the same time as the colossal Hey Colossus, so we stuck around to watch those guys stir up a sensual storm. A three guitars, bass and drums combo with a tall, moustachioed front man, all the guitars seemed to work in absolute harmony, their separate threads easy to pick out as each track would its inexorable way towards us.

The vocalist was a deep crooner, oddly magnetic, who strode and crashed around the stage, allowing the opening track to slowly unfurl as the guitars strained at their leashes, anxious to leap into the crowd and have at us. It was sweaty and propulsive and as track two started, it became quite exciting on stage, the drummer beating nine bells out of his kit.

Tone-wise, the front man reminded me of Carl Puttnam from Cud, but with more seat and bullets, leaning into the audience, yelling into any face that might be brave enough to come within range, the odd Nick Cave bellow of rage as all around guitars seared and bucked, urging one another over the edge. In fact they acted like a pack of animals, each crisp and fierce with their own purpose in mind to try and round up the audience and allow the singer to go in for the kill.

The band seem to take in metal but then turn their back on it and go down a more post-rock route, only to about turn again and trip a little psych fantastic. At times they reminded me of Mugstar, but with an enormous chap hip-thrusting in their midst, dancing like nobody is watching. Sabbath heavy with Queens Of The Stone Age hooks, the sound dense and the voice thrust forward, the guitars endlessly patient, jabbing and whirling around us. I was worn out at the end of the set, and due to the general overheating we decided to call it a day.We will be back next year, hopefully, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who wants their minds expanded. A special shout should go to Stolen Body Records of Bristol. A good proportion of the bands had records out on the label and it was all lovely limited edition stuff — so go and buy that as well.

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