15 Feb 2017

The Know magazine interview with Gnod

It reads:

Rocket Recordings signed band Gnod have a brand new album right on the way. It’s a bolshy, aggressive and defiant release packing more than a few messages. With that in mind we caught up with the band.

Gnod have been pooled into the ‘British krautrock’ genre what are your thoughts on this?

Gnod is made up of a core of four to five heads, the rest of the players come and go with every tour or album. We have worked this way since our inception. As far as influences, it really is hard to say because there are so many. The best way to find out as a listener is to listen to our vast discography and make up your own mind about that. We don’t really identify ourselves with a particular genre.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

It’s constantly evolving, again check out our discography for the many phases of Gnod. Even in our first year as a band it went from big band evolving jams that lasted for hours to ambient soundscapes to mechanical noise and we’ve always tried to write in new ways that keep the music fresh...

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