11 Feb 2017

No Mightier Creatures rise from the ashes of Serpentina Satelite

Renato from the great Peruvian band Serpentina Satelite has a new album out under the new name No Mightier Creatures and you can listen to the whole thing via Soundcloud here: No Mightier Creatures

Here is the info we have been sent about No Mightier Creatures:

No Mightier Creatures is a new project by peruvian musician and poet Renato Gomez, former guitarist of the space rock act Serpentina Satelite.

This time around, Renato presents an album of 7 songs distilled with a more straightforward approach; cohesive rock with punk dynamics, centered on rhythm and repetition. No Mightier Creatures grew around a visual/writing research of knots and pieces of urban decay around cities in Europe. The visuals became symptoms of economic crisis, political intervention, precariousness and borders, igniting new song writing and lyrics.

The album was recorded in Lima, Peru, with former Serpentina Satelite bandmates Dolmo (guitar) and Felix Dextre (bass), and with Arturo Quispe (drums), member of the psych-prog band Cholo Visceral.

The record will be available for download starting February 10th via Bandcamp. A physical release will come out later on this year.