20 Feb 2017

Rolling stone reviews Julie's Haircut's new album

Roughly translated it reads:

"Hurry" is the last word I would use to describe Julie's Haircut. From Emilia - how many will be at least twenty years that are in circulation? - Have never suffered from the drive continues and irrational that drives you to want to be somebody. The same one that haunts you to create the perfect album or even just to make a final decision on what kind do. Not at all. To begin with, the times for the output of an LP have been stretched from three to four years. The onset of a foreign label, then, came only in 2017, with an album released for the same Rocket Recordings of the Goat. They could do this before, and maybe they would have gained a greater external visibility (always the lyrics are in English).

But it did not, because, as happens more before is the artist and his personal mission, then, the public. Invocation And Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin summarizes a bit 'all you guys have done so far, from the walls of shoegaze guitars of the Deluge (not too) veiled motorik the Zukunft which opens the disc. But we must look at the work as a kind of Best Of dryly that passes through the various natural habitats of Caleffi, Giovanardi and bandwidth.

The choice of Emilia was to improve, also adding an excellent Laura Agnusdei and his saxophone training, liquid elements from the dual nature anesthetized type vaporwave (Orpheus Rising) and feverish Evan Parker model (Deluge). Not enough, Julie's Haircut have gradually ceased to "write" songs, but improvising and then extrapolating the idea from the jam recordings. I already imagine them in the rehearsal room. Someone sketching the initial arpeggio of psichedelicissima Cycles and general enthusiasm follows a crescendo of keyboards, bass and vocals. All this, of doing things in the most useful: unhurried.


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