29 Apr 2011

Rocket Probes April 2011 Playlist

Oneida - Shahin's Bong / Mugstar - Untitled
(Future Rocket 'Collisions' release - 2 long tracks each, in a The Heads 'Camden Brain Slurry' (Collisions 1) vein, The 'O' road tested on a constant loop, back to back for the best part of a solid 6 hours - just to to be sure, & we are proud to announce we have a monster!)

Annapurna Illusion - Life Is An Illusion
(Featured previously on our monthly playlist, we've been really diggin the final mix and getting things ready for production)

Oneida - Absolute II
(The final instalment of the 'Thank Your Parents' Triptych!)

Hills – Master sleeps
(Second album from this Swedish psych outfit, and it is even better than their first, great fuzzed up kraut pysch, highly recommended!!!)

White Hills / H-p1
(Amazing new album from our fave space rockers...a great mix of grooved out spacey soundscapes and heavy fuzz rockers, possibly their best album?)

Peaking Lights – 936
(Perfect soundtrack for these hot summery days we been getting)

Various – I’m So Convoluted EP
(Nice ‘Record Store Day’ four track vinyl,....features tracks from The Heads/Big Naturals Rituals, Mugstar, Carlton Melton and Koolaid...thanks to Mr Keeler for this!!)

John Kongos – He’s Gonna Step On You Again
(The original version that the Happy Mondays covered with their track ‘Step on’...though this has an amazing fuzzed out groove...will be making an appearance at the next ‘Nothing is...’ for sure!!)

Thought Forms – Demos
(Have been lucky enough to hear some recently recorded demos for their next album and they are sounding immense, heavily treated layered guitars, ethereal vocals collide with heavy doomy riffs!!!)

Aqua Nebula Oscilator – Excavation
(Heavy, fuzzed up, wigged out, jams/album tracks that were recorded in Caves in 2007 apparently....nice screenprinted sleeve too)

Hi-Fiction Science - S/T
(Bristol collective out of the ashes of Suncoil Sect & Fuzz Against Junk's female vocalised side, contemporary psychedelic-folk-electronica tinged pop)

Can - Tago Outtakes
(Bootleg Tago Mago outtakes, Doko E (36.30) & Tagothrowaway (35.33), you know the score around these parts!!)