9 Mar 2020

The Quietus interviews GNOD's Alex Macarte

They say:

On the release of a new solo album of “psychic entrainment”, GNOD member Alex Macarte speaks to Matthew Neale about sound healing, the origins of creativity, and the glory days of the Salford Mill

Alex Macarte loves talking about the universe. Whether it’s waxing lyrical on string theory or eastern philosophy, he doesn’t take much encouragement; perhaps unsurprising from an artist who previously described the goal of his music is to “traverse the infinite expansive internal panorama within ourselves and discover ultra-dimensional transportation methods via sound.” As far as mission statements go, it’s certainly a world away from the usual spiels about making music for yourself and hoping other people like it.

Macarte has plied his trade across numerous musical projects, notably Manatees, Årabrot and Salford cult heroes GNOD, as well as his current incarnation as AHRKH that’s incorporated collaborations with the likes of HUM’s Mark Wagner. He’s also a qualified sound therapist now, among several other jobs. Put simply, if you need your eardrums blowing or your chakras realigned, you’ve probably come to the right man either way...

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