6 Mar 2020

Distorsioni reviews Och

They say:

We have seen many camouflaged and covered Swedish musicians in these years (just in the Rocket Recordings house the Goats, while outside the alternative landscape we have the Ghosts) and the saga of Scandinavian anonymity is carried out by the Och, mysterious Linköping trio. The British label also backs up this confidentiality and only reveals that one of the three has a relative in another Swedish formation now at home in Rocket Recordings, the Flowers Must Die. But doubts about anonymity aside, the Och appear as the "umpteenth" psychedelic formation of Northern Europe landed in the land of Albion, but in spite of the various post-punk declinations (The Janitors), neo-psychedelic (Orange Revival), acid-rock (Hills, Flowers Must Die) or meditative (Centrum) Och are inclined for cerebral and minimalist music. The mix of electronics and kraut-rock makes the eight tracks of "II" a desperate space travel in an inhospitable and contaminated cosmos. 

If Jag's är här engines, jag är häris spoiled by splashes of cold electronics, Baum Baur's synthetic hypertrophy expands in the post-industrial rhythms of Åkkså , in which the sound of a flute first hovers and then disperses into synth mists. Och's music continually points to a prototype for the rock of the future, a gloomy and desolate future: Den Såmm Bor I Tarim's black prayer slowly becomes a post-atomic shamanic ritual; the astral synths of Färgen Ur Rymden are the prelude to the lysergic tribalism of Pelennor's Fält . 

Nu: 64 and Pandemi På Händelöthey create a conclusive kraut-synth orgy. Far from nostalgia for the past, Och imagines future scenarios in which the rhythmic element has returned to the basis of music, while every other element has been discarded or melted into a coherent and fascinating sound. The visionary force, however minimal, is very reminiscent of " Hoopsnake " (2016) by the British One Unique Signal, as well as the idea of ​​reshaping rock languages ​​with unusual results. From the parts of the best Klaus Schultze, Guru Guru, Popol Vuh.

Rating: 8/10

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