6 Mar 2020

Music Pills Horizons in Music reviews Och and Bonnacons of Doom

They say:

Och –  II
By the way, the Swedish band Och refuses to live in the 2020s and focuses on the seventies’ experimental space music. Blues under acids and watched through a telescope, the debut album of these musicians breaks the walls between that age of wild experimentation and sonic journeys towards space and the here and now, sounding fresh today as it was then.

Bonnacons of Doom – Compiled (2014-2017)
After the good Esus EP, the kraut band B.O.D. made this “compiled” collection of tunes taken from several mixed compilations, but also a brand new track ( Sgrios ), in order to finance the next album. 48 minutes to lose yourself into psychedelia while being watched by the blankest emoji ever created directly from the cover

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