24 Sep 2019

Stream Julie's Haircut's new album 'In the Silence Electric' in full

You can stream the the stunning new Julies Haircut album 'In the Silence Electric' in full - a whole 10 days ahead of release now via the great Italian site Sentireascoltare.

Stream here: Sentireascoltare

The mag says:
In publication October 4, 2019, In The Silence Electric is the eighth album by Julie's Haircut (not to mention the Music For The Last Command , also released in 2019), the second for Rocket Recordings after the jazzy cupcakes of  Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin of 2017.

On the cover is a work by the German avant-feminist artist Annegret Soltau, who "forced" her face with a black thread, almost mummifying it: a reflection on freedom of communication. Even the psychedelia of the Italian collective, now more than ever guided by the subconscious, gets rid of all constriction with the dark synth-punk veins in the wake of Suicide of the first singles, Until The Lights Go Out and  Sorcerer  ( videoclip ). Between the influence of Mozambican music, following a journey by Andrea Rovacchi, and the recurring dualism between sex and death, the band described In The Silence Electric as his most direct work ever. 

"We welcomed the unexpected, leaving the songs to guide us to their final form, rather than trying to force them towards a precise direction," the band emphasizes. In the widget section of this page, from September 24, 2019, you can listen to the whole album.

Preorder the album on Ltd LP and CD here: Bandcamp

Sleeve art by Annegret Soltau