30 Sept 2019

Rocket Probes – September 2019 playlist

Julie's Haircut – Sorcerer
(Great second track to be revealed from the forthcoming mesmerising album 'In the Silence Electric')

Bonnacons of Doom – Solus (JD Twitch Optimo remix)
(Amazing bass heavy remix by the mighty JD Twitch)
Bonnacons of Doom 

(New Gnod jams)

Tomaga & Pierre Bastien – Bandiera Di Carta
(Essential listen)
Tomaga & Pierre Bastien

Various – No sleep 'till Avon
(Amazing new comp of killer sounds from Bristol)
Avon Terror Corps

Fabulous Diamonds – GBH
(New Fabulous Diamonds on Alter)
Fabulous Diamonds

Giant Swan – 55 Year Old Daughter
(First track from forthcoming debut album)
Giant Swan

Joe Henderson/Alice Coltrane – Elements
(Thanks to one of the Centrum guys for passing this on to us!)
Joe Henderson

Human Beinz – April 15th
(Killer fuzz wah jams)
Human Beinz 

Jandek – The Electric End

Talking Heads – The Overload
(Moody Heads)
Talking Heads

SabaSaba – S/T
(Great new album of dubbed out drones and rhythms on Maple Death Records)

Ngozi Family – Kumanda Kwa
(Another killer track from Chris Zebby and Co)
Ngozi Family

Nurse With Wound – Swamp Rat
(Thanks to Cherrystones for his amazing NWW special on NTS, if you haven't listened then check it out, he plays this great track!)
Nurse With Wound

J. Zunz – Eagle Eye
(Floydy noise-pop)
J. Zunz

Punctum – Quick Botta
(Growing repetitions)

Subs – Gimme your heart
(Glam punk groove)

Besombes/Rizet – Pôle
(Experimental French sounds from '76)

Sad World – Apadana
(Psyched synth n'grooves with an Egyptian feel and a nod to Spacemen 3 from '93)

The Transcendence Orchestra – Live at Dekmantel Festival, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
(Paddy from GNOD joins Anthony Child and Daniel Bean take you on a journey "through deep subterranean caverns and out to the farthest reaches of space")
The Transcendence Orchestra

The Chills – Pink Frost
(Nice 80's psychy pop)
The Chills 

Slaylor Moon – Mothgirl’s Dream
(Really nice n'minimal beats n'drones n'voice...another great release on Maple Death Records)
Slaylor Moon

The Cosmic Dead – Scottish Space Race
(New dead)
The Cosmic Dead

Alessandro Alessandroni‎ – Industrial
(Italian soundtrack explorations)
Alessandro Alessandroni

Cherrystones – Metallic Vines
(Soundtrack to the nights drawing in)

Eric B and Rakim – Follow the leader
(Best rapper ever?)
Eric B and Rakim

Arkh/Wagner – Music For Meditations Vol.1
(Alex from GNOD and Mark from H.U.M.'s meditative sounds)

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