20 Sep 2019

Concrete Islands reviews Bonnacons of Doom's Esus EP

They say:

The acid house soaked, heavily psychedelic rock of Bonnacons of Doom returns alongside shock of the new reworks by JD Twitch, Liars and Capac
Liverpool-based heavier-than-night collective Bonnacons of Doom prowl the primordial stage, cloaked and hooded like Adepts of Great Old Ones. Their sound ploughs giddy depths, a conjured means to communicate with vast intelligences, beings beyond our ken. “Esus” thus falls from the sky, an out of this world talisman, a transformative token. It hints at Mogwai circa Come on Die Young with its opening chords, before firing up half-dreamt memories of listening to Welcome to Sky Valley by Kyuss. “Esus” is the band’s only new composition on the EP, but that is not to suggest that the reworks (of tracks from their 2018 self-titled debut album) deliver anything other than the shock of the new. Each piece opens up a portal in the band’s sound, inviting in different directions of experimentation.  

Bonnacons may exist within the realms of experimental, heavily psychedelic out rock, but they point to acid house as forming the collective memory of the band. So it makes absolute sense to have JD Twitch involved here. “Solus (JD Twitch Optimo Remix)” is an irresistible drums in the deep banger that has something of Sabres of Paradise about it around the edges. Through extraction and recontextualising, Twitch has made the ritualistic vocals more beautifully pagan, while also recalling Edda Dell’Orso’s performances for Ennio Morricone. Inventive percussion and delicate synth lines are host to a glacially-paced Gabba beat sure to ruin dancefloors of an open persuasion. Those bass-soaked drums are an Earth-rattling howl into the desert, as if carved from deep time and activated in the present...

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