3 Sep 2019

Rocket Probes – August 2019 playlist

Due to being lost in a field at a festival, our monthly round up is a bit late...


PETBRICK – Radiation Facial
(Some filthy noise of a track featuring Full of Hell's Dylan Walker)

Bonnacons of Doom – ESUS
(Great new EP featuring brand new track + remixes including one from Liars and a dancefloor banger from Optimo)
Bonnacons of Doom

The Utopia Strong – Konta Chorus
(One for all you Zimpel/Ziolek and Fripp/Eno fans...killer video by our very own Johnny O)
The Utopia Strong

The Transcendence Orchestra – Live at Dekmantel Festival, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
(Paddy from GNOD teaming up with Anthony Child and Daniel Bean)
The Transcendence Orchestra

Carter Tutti Void - Triumvirate
(What an album!!!!)
Carter Tutti Void 

Richard Dawson - Jogging
(Great new track)
Richard Dawson 

Nihiloxica – Nihiloxica
(Killer tribal techno grooves)

Golden Oriele – back catalogue
(Blew us away at Supernormal – Can, This Heat, Chrome, Oren Ambarchi, Sun Araw all came to mind)
Golden Oriele 

PanSTARRS – Dor Elfo2
(Nice slice of Egyptian motorik pop)

Implog - Holland Tunnel Dive
(KIKOK played this banger while in Russia)

(Another great new live discovery at Supernormal)

The Exorzist III - Studio Backing Tracks
(Really like track 1 and 3 on this tape release...fuzz wah wiggouts and repetitive excursions)
The Exorzist III

Yerba Mansa – That was one thousand fucking lightning
(another killer like band at Supernormal)
 Yerba Mansa

Acid Rooster – Acid Rooster
(Space rock)
Acid Rooster

Bloody Head - Narco Bulldozer​/​Black Dog Blues
(One more great live band at Supernormal)
Bloody Head

Neil Campbell – rainbow send / vespers
(Lofi and rocking' fuzz drone sounds)
Neil Campbell 

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