28 Jan 2015

Nine Hertz reviews Collisions 04

Mamuthones / Evil Blizzard Collisions Vol.4

Rocket Recordings seems to be the best place to find psychedelic noodling of the finest kind these days.

Home to Goat, Teeth of the Sea and soon to be Hey Colossus, this is the fourth of their Collisions series of records, which has included Gnod and Mugstar in previous releases.

Much has been written about Evil Blizzard but not without reason. Four bassists and a singing drummer who all wear rubber masks? What's not to love? Mark E Smith is even a fan. But what do we know of Mamuthones? Not much I'd vouch, but this release reveals them to be a motorik, if slightly unhinged group who seem keen on splicing in improv among the repetition. Mad brass makes an impression on the excellent Don't Be Choosy among the hip, twisted vibes going on. It's like there's a party in my pants and the mariachi band have got the squits.

Unhinged vocals combine with a more post-punk party vibe on Fire On Fire to create a manic and tremendous jam too.

World music gets a look-in on Holy Ghost People too, crazy lead guitar flailing all over the place, the vocals invoking all kinds of demons…

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