10 Jan 2015

Listen to Mamuthones / Re: Trax 0913 – Strange Quack Quack

Here is a great track from Mamuthones that they have done for the Re: Trax 0913 album.

This is what they say about the album:

"A modular system with unlimited modularity". It is the heart of the "real and virtual network" that Piermario Ciani, Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon devised in 1981 and which comes to life again on September 6th 2013 in Bertiolo, in the province of Udine. 

Re: Trax is a revised and updated version of the theories and strategies of Piermario Ciani, who had in Trax its best expression and a creative apex, involving more than five hundred authors of different nationalities. The vinyl album TRAX 0982 XTRA, produced in 1982 by ten musicians through crossed collaborations at distance, is considered today a cornerstone of the art of networking, an art form to which Piermario Ciani has contributed significantly without ever moving from Bertiolo, his native town. On this specific occasion the tracks of TRAX 0982 XTRA have been further reworked by the musicians Renato Rinaldi, Mamuthones, Aghe Clope, Xabier Iriondo, Steve Nardini, Trouble Vs Glue, Jestern, Claudio Rocchetti, Ensemble Economique and Arbe Garbe. "

Buy the album here: Re: Trax 0913.

And don't forget our Collisions Vol.4 split album with Evil Blizzard is out on January 19th