26 Jan 2015

Echoes and Dust reviews Hey Colossus - In Black and Gold (plus makes Roadburn's 'Album of the day')

Our good friends at Echoes and Dust have written a great review of the new Hey Colossus album 'In Black and Gold' which is released on Feb 9th in all good record shops.

The review reads:

Hey Colossus – In Black And Gold
By Richard Collins

Hey Colossus are a noise rock institution… or at least I thought they were. The opening electronic docile tones to their new offering certainly makes you question that. The vocals kick in, which are light, delicate and you start to wonder what the hell these 6 chaps are up to. In Black And Gold is due out in February on Rocket Recordings, a label known for its trippiness rather than brutal noise rock suggesting Hey Colossus are reinventing themselves, so do they pull it off?

After the soft and teasing launch that is ‘Hold On’ we spring into ‘Sister And Brothers’, which remains fairly stripped back compared to previous material. The old maxed out Hey Colossus we’ve come to know and love is now a thing of the past and you can now dive into every nook and cranny of every instrument. I know Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo was slightly more chilled than anything in the Riot Season days, but this is a much bigger departure, leaving themselves with absolutely nowhere to hide and to do this with complete success the level of song writing needs to be excellent and you know what? It fucking well is, every track feels like it’s had 10 tons of thought put into it, like they have been crafted by people who really know what they are doing...

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