7 Jan 2015

Hey Colossus interview by Echoes and Dust

The great guys at Echoes and Dust ask Hey Colossus som equestions about their forthcoming album on Rocket In Black and Gold:

Hey Colossus
By: Richard Collins

Hey Colossus need no introduction. Paul and Jon checked in with our man Richard Collins to have a chat, mainly about the new record In Black and Gold, which is due out on Rocket Recordings in February.

(((o))): How you guys doing?

Paul: Very well, thank you.

(((o))): The announcement about In Black and Gold coming out on Rocket Recordings was a bit of shock, I associate them with mellower bands and more traditional psych bands than Hey Colossus. How did it come about?

Jon: They pleaded and begged until we finally relented. The prettiest girls on the block (laughs). Nah… They expressed an interest. We started recording. They were into it. Then we all shook hands.
It doesn’t feel like a shock to be working with them on this new album. Psychedelic is such a loose term for music in 2014. To me, it means an ever-changing experience that shifts and mutates from one form to another. It is not a fixed notion.

(((o))): You guys have gone in a new direction on this record, it’s spacey… more chilled and the last track even feels quite tragic and sad. It’s like you’ve taken an even bigger step than you took for Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo and you would not believe you are the same band that released the brutal RRR a few years ago. What’s driving this change in direction?

Paul: I always feel like we’re refining our sound each time. I’ve personally taken more of an interest in the mechanics of words and the phrasing and placement of them to create narratives. It’s been good to have more of a focus on the clarity of each individual player, and how they have to react in that environment. We’ve moved away from relying on the feedback and noise filling in the gaps. Not that there’s even the remotest problem with that!...

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