26 Jan 2010

Rocket Probes January 2010 Playlist

The Group – Feedback
(Ennio Morricone’s psych group on top form, taken from the Psych Funk 101 compilation which has some other pretty good tracks...well worth checking out)

Alan Spawhawk – Solo guitar
(The title of this says it all...the guitarist from Low plays a slow and doomy ambience, reminds me of the most recent Earth albums but even sparser...thanks to **K for tuning us into this)

Earthling Temple – Pilgrimage to Thunderbolt Pagoda
(Some nice Kosmiche soundscapes on this collaboration between Earthling Society and High Mountain Temple)

Serpentia Satelite – As yet untitled second album
(Received tracks for this new album from this great space rock band from Peru via New York...this newy is a lot more dense and psychedelic compared to their amazing first....watch this space, the vinyl version could be a future launch!!)

Group Inerane – Nadan Al Kazawnin
(Nice repetitive fuzz from another great Western Sahara band, this track is taken from their Guitars from Agadez LP)

Gnod – Science and Industry cassette
(The brilliant Gnod return once again with two amazing new tracks...this cassette released by Not Not Fun sold out in a day!!!)

Sun Araw – Hey Mandala
(Can't stop playing this dubbed-out hallucinatory Funkedelic like tribal monster)

Can – Ogam Ogat
(2 lengthy outtakes from Can's legendary 1971 "Tago Mago" sessions, worth it just for Auf Der Einbahnstrasse Part One)

People Ceremony – Buddha Meet Rock
(Japanese tripped out oriental hypnotic grooves courtesy of Gareth from The Big Naturals)

Spacemen 3 – Perfect Prescription (re-issue)
(Euphoric drone pop, soundtracking the snowy days)