2 Jan 2010

Julian Cope gets Hypnoticon'd

Julian Cope has given the forthcoming Hypnoticon EP by Teeth of the Sea his 'vinyl of the month' award on his site Head Heritage:

Also search out Teeth of the Sea’s excellent new E.P. HYPNOTICON, which – in the wake of their excellent debut LP OCEAN – takes this Drudion’s Vinyl of the Month award. Released on Bristol’s excellent Rocket Recordings (www.rocketrecordings.com), HYPNOTICON showcases twenty-four minutes of highly transcendental space rock of the extremely non-clichéd variety. However, unlike too many Krautrock-obsessed contemporary bands, Teeth of the Sea score their triumphs precisely because of their couldn’t-give-a-fuck attitude towards so-called Authenticity. Instead, this band inhabits its own mythological mind map – the kind of burned out Zoroastrian terrain that perfectly unites early Ash Ra Tempel with Serge Leone trumpet one minute, then giddies your branium with stereo FX and ring modulators the next. Perhaps it’s their ability to appear monolithic and definitive at all times that makes Teeth of the Sea so attractive; there’s certainly nothing better than exploring the pot scene, then chillaxing pole-axed’n’safe in the hands of artists you know you can trust.
Julian Cope

See it in full here

The EP will be released on February 1st on vinyl and download....