5 Jan 2010

20jazzfunkgreats 2009 Mixtape

20jazzfunkgreats 2009 mixtape:

Twins themes of frost and illumination, blinding ice.

The people at 20Jazzfunkgreats blog have included Teeth of the Sea in their end of year mixtape. It also includes many a song that they have been delighted by in 2009.


01- Prince Rama of Ayodhya: Land of the Apocalypse Transcended
02- King Kong Ding Dong: Hot Train
03- Pantah du Prince featuring Panda Bear: Stick by My Side
04- Palms: Boundary Waters (Gavin Russom Remix)
05- Teeth of the Sea: Inside the Space Capsule (Love Theme)
06- Fuckbuttons: Space Mountain
07- Erik XVI: Kalabaliken i Bender
08- Bront Industries Kapital: Knights of Vipco
09- Hounds of Hate: I Love Triangles
10- Hudson Mohawke: Polkadot Blues
11- Joker: Digidesign
12- S U R V I V E: Holographic Landscape
13- OoOOo: NoSummr4u
14- Liars: Scissor