17 Jan 2023

Rocket to be guest curators at this years Roadburn Festival

We are extremely proud to announce that Rocket Recordings will be guest curator at this year’s Roadburn Festival on 19-23 April.

Roadburn has been a festival we have been involved in since 2006. We have seen many Rocket bands grace the festival’s stages over the years – so we thought we would celebrate our 25th anniversary in Tilburg, showcasing a selection of Rocket artists.

Roadburn’s aesthetic is one of not standing still, always pushing its own boundaries, and that is something we as a label have always believed in, hence this collaboration couldn’t be more perfect. We loved Walter’s idea of Rocket showcasing our ‘new’ bands instead of only looking back and celebrating the past. So we are very excited to bring a diverse line-up of artists and sounds for the Roadburn faithful to immerse in:

Alison Cotton
When we discussed who should play, Alison’s name was top of the list. Her mesmerising live performance needed to be experienced by the Roadburn audiences.

Alison Cotton / Dawn Terry
We wanted to bring a one-off, unique performance to the festival and as were we aware that Alison and Dawn Terry (from Bong) had discussed collaborating sometime in the future, we thought this could be the perfect time to make it happen. We have no idea what the results will be, but with their combined talent, it is guaranteed to be spellbinding.

J. Zunz
We are chuffed that J. Zunz is able to make it over from Mexico for the festival. We finally got to see her addictive live show last summer – her unique repetitive, kosmische explorations will definitely get the Roadburn ‘heads’ dancing in a trance! 

Holy Scum
We needed a band to ‘bring the noise’ to Roadburn, so there’s no better band to do that than Holy Scum. Their dense fog of sound is guaranteed to get the audiences smiling, just bring your earplugs.

Marlene Ribeiro
Marlene Ribeiro (Negra Branca / Gnod) brings songs from her stunning and hauntingly psychedelic debut album ‘Toquei No Sol’ to the stage for a rare live performance.

The Shits
This band are so new to our roster we haven’t even announced they are going to be releasing their forthcoming album on Rocket yet! But wow, what a band, they blew us away at last summer’s Supernormal Festival so we are extremely excited to add them to the ever growing Rocket family.

Teeth of the Sea
Ok, so Teeth of the Sea are not a ‘new’ Rocket band, we have been releasing their records since their debut release in January 2009 – and they are a band who have also graced the Roadburn stage in 2013. But with a new album being promised for late 2023, this will be the opportunity to witness the bands new music for the first time. Walter said to us, "we need a band like Teeth of the Sea as we have nothing else like them on the bill this year"…but tbh, there is no one like Teeth of the Sea, they are completely unique, the archetypal Rocket band!

And before you all ask, we are not repeating Rocket 20 and having a Rocket 25 party – our birthday celebrations will be here at Roadburn, so we hope the Rocket faithful will join us for it!

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