31 Jan 2023

Rocket Probes – January 2023 playlist

Marlene Ribeiro – Toquei no Sol
(Incredible new album by Marlene from Gnod)
Marlene Ribeiro

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  – Ultimate Hammer
(Second single from forthcoming album Land of Sleeper)
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Gnoomes – Loops
(Gnoomes return with a techno'fied banger!)

Smote – Hlaf
(Great first track from forthcoming new album...that guitar!!)

Dwellings - Power Is Blind In Both Eyes
(New album from Chris Gnod)

Paddy Shine – 2 Wolf 3 Moon
(Another great album from the Gnod camp – this time Paddy and a guitar)
Paddy Shine

NÂR – What We Talk About: NÂR
(New release by Elsewhere artist)

Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere – Polar Sequences
(Thanks to Steve Davis for turning our heads to this gem!)
Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere

Franco Falsini – Cold Nose
(Great kosmische sounds from 70s Italy)
Franco Falsini

The Souvenirs – Bush Lark Ritual
(Dubbed out tribal repetitions)
The Souvenirs 

Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz – Roundtrip
(The Don)
Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz

Burnin Red Ivanhoe – Live Essen 1970
(All about the drums and bass)
Burnin Red Ivanhoe

Cosmic Overdose  –  Genomskärning
(Thanks to Rickard for playing us this album – members of Älgarnas Trädgård)
Cosmic Overdose 

Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses
(Black fog)
Blut Aus Nord

Virus – King Heroin
(70s German psych rock)

Abul Mogard / Harmonious Thelonious – Schleißen 1
(Electronic repetitions)
Abul Mogard / Harmonious Thelonious

The Necks – Travel
(New Necks)
The Necks

Mitka – Sound2
(Thanks to Sasha from Gnoomes for turning our ears onto this)

Up – Spiritual High
(Acid sounds)

Sory Bamba – Kanaga 78
(Fuzzy afro groove)
Sory Bamba

Irmin Schmidt – Solo
Irmin Schmidt

Melvin Jackson – Funky Skull Part 1 &2
(Eddie Harris’s bassman)
Melvin Jackson

James Holden - Contains Multitudes
(New Holden)
James Holden

The Natural Yogurt Band – Dance the Devil Away
(Psychedelic library sounds)
The Natural Yogurt Band

Winged Wheel – No Island
(Foggy notions)
Winged Wheel 

The Invaders – Spacing Out
(An old classic)
The Invaders

David Crosby – If Only I Could Remember My Name
(Rest in power
David Crosby

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