7 Jul 2022

Psychedelic Baby Magazine interviews J. Zunz

It reads:

Lorena Quintanilla’s journey as J. Zunz continues with her third solo release, and her second for Rocket Recordings after 2020’s ‘Hibiscus’.

‘Del Aire’ was recorded in a vociferously windy area of Enseneda, Mexico, where Lorena spent a strict lockdown, the album exorcises the troubles she encountered during the period, in the process creating both what she describes as a “continuity and discontinuity” from ‘Hibiscus’, and extracting a similar, yet fresh strain of emotional complexity.

With the atmospheric and natural theme of air at the heart of the creative process, Lorena has created an extraordinarily spacious work

Through the mellifluous repetition, the cathartic buzzsaw moments and the elemental force of the album’s conceptual core, ‘Del Aire’ acts as an intimate echo chamber vicariously healing the listener’s wounds besides Lorena’s own.

You have an exciting upcoming album scheduled to be released on Rocket Recordings. Tell us, how did you approach it?

It was, unintentionally, recorded in three chapters. I recorded the first two songs intending to have a digital single out to coincide with a tour that was planned for November 2021. That tour was rescheduled and the digital single idea expanded into a physical EP. For that, I recorded two more songs. Then, Chris and Johnny from Rocket suggested that I finish a whole album and I recorded the last two songs. So it was nice to not have the inner pressure that usually arises when you are recording a new album...

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