29 Jul 2022

Moundabout's 'Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones' is released today

"Enjoy Moundabout’s strange argot, let it wash over you like the tide." Album of the Week
The Quietus

"A deep sense of devotional wonder."
Electronic Sound

"A musical contemplation of the megalithic."

"Such a deep and satisfying experience."
Fragmented Flaneur

"A lesson in neolithic ritual and otherworldly transcendence."
Louder Than War

Moundabout– the new project from Paddy Shine of Gnod and Phil Masterson of Los Langeros/Damp Howl/Bisect have released their debut Rocket album 'Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones' today!

Once again, trying not to sound like a stuck record, we are sad to announce that the LPs have been delayed due to the ongoing chaos in vinyl manufacturing. We have been promised they will be shipped to us on 18 August and we will ship them out to customers and shops as soon as they land. Your ongoing patience for all these delays we are suffering is greatly appreciated – we can assure you, it is annoying us as much as it is you!

If you still want a copy of the ltd LP, then you can preorder from Bandcamp here, or from your local record shop:


See Moundabout live as part of a GNOD family special at this years 'Le Guess Who Festival' in Utrecht on November 10-13:

Le Guess Who