30 Sept 2021

Rocket Probes – September 2021 playlist

GNOD – Pink Champagne Blues

(Blistering new track from GNOD)

Nova Express – Nova Express
(Killer 14min+ of immersion)
Nova Express

Low – Hey What
(Mighty new album)

Sun Forest – Transitions
(Nicola from Julie's Haircut on Golden Ratio Frequencies)
Sun Forest

Zen Mother – Get high now
Zen Mother

Roxane Métayer – Paroles Cavernicoles
(Droned hymns)
Roxane Métayer

Gong – Master Builder
(Freak out)

Maurizio Merli – Dancing man
(Texan grooves)
Maurizio Merli

The Bug – Fire
(Sonic excellence)
The Bug 

Purple Image – Purple Image
(Psyched funk)
Purple Image

Tonto's Expanding Head Band – Riversong
(Exploratory electronics from '71)
Tonto's Expanding Head Band

Barış Manço – Mozart
(Turkish fuzz)
Barış Manço

Nordra – Pylon III
(Nice digital drones – reminds of Arrival soundtrack in places)

Le Stelle di Mario Schifano ‎– Dedicato A...
(Psyched sounds from '67 Italy)
Le Stelle di Mario Schifano

Oiseaux-Tempête  – AL-'AN ! الآن
(Instrumental sonic jams from France)

Amebix – No Sanctuary

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy – Egipcia
(Middle Eastern tinged sounds)
Psychedelic Digestion Therapy

Beak> – Oh know
(New Beak 7")

Weather Report – Boogie Woogie Waltz
(Gets the groove on)
Weather Report 

Rien Virgule ‎– Le Couronnement Des Silex
(Rhythmic noises and melodies on Zam Zam)
Rien Virgule

The Trees – Don't You Worry
(Fuzzy freakbeat)
The Trees

Bitch Diesel – Bionic Woman (Jacky Winter Remix)
(Spacey post punk repetitions)
Bitch Diesel

Patrick Cowley – The Jungle Dream
(Kosmische grooves by the master)
Patrick Cowley

Nala Sinephro – Space 8
(Nice astral jazz on Warp)
Nala Sinephro

Ofege – Try And Love
(Nigerian fuzz from'73)

Oranssi Pazuzu – Palava Puu
(One of our favourite bands around drops an unreleased track for an Adult Swim compilation)
Oranssi Pazuzu

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